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K-Tuned B Series Stainless Clutch Line Kit
  • K-Tuned B Series Stainless Clutch Line Kit



    • 92-95 Civic EG
    • 96-00 Civic EK
    • 94-01 Integra DC2


    * Lenght: 1600mm

    * Fittings: 45 and 180 degree 


    Designed to fit B-series and D-Series cars perfectly, this fully stainless steel clutch line with SS fittings comes complete with all the adapters needed for both outlet sizes found on oem Honda clutch master cylinders. This way, no matter what master cylinder you have, our clutch line will fit. It also has properly angled fittings on both ends of the hose for a very clean looking install. There is a 180 degree fitting on the master cylinder end and a 45 degree fitting on the slave cylinder end. There will be absolutely no corrosion on this line setup because the hose, adapter fittings, and hose ends are all 100% stainless steel. This is unlike other competitors clutch line kits where the fittings are simply zinc plated.

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